"Rechild" eyewear from Tokyo JAPAN

Product Policy

At the end of the name there is an R or an L, this indicates whether the accent is designed for a left-handed or right-handed face.  

The 0 is for manufacturing and quality control purposes.  

Mercedes Benz puts their Mercedes mark on the last and best model, this is because there have been improvements over the years leading to perfection.  

I will also make improvements every year on our frames. 

The zero indicates the first model, every modification will have a different number.  If I am lucky the first model will be called perfect from some of our fans, however, we will continue to make improvements. 

These improvements may also reduce introductions of new models, this means that ReChild will not just pump out new models and throw away the old.  

We aim to be appreciated for a long time with long running products that are improved step by step over time.